Construction of retail space in Columbiana ahead of schedule

//Construction of retail space in Columbiana ahead of schedule

Construction of retail space in Columbiana ahead of schedule

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WKBN) – Eight months into construction, the brick façade is already up on the first phase of  Town Center at Firestone Farms at Routes 7 and 14 in Columbiana.

“We were able to do a lot of things over the winter…we’re ahead of schedule,” said Developer Tom Mackall.

He says two more buildings are included in his ten year plan. They will be built in a circle surrounding a courtyard and a 40-foot-tall clock tower. Mackall says the design was based on what downtown Columbiana would have looked like 85 years ago when Harvey Firestone lived there.

“Each of the store fronts is designed to look as it was built by a different businessman, and has his own unique character. We’re trying to duplicate that.”

Recently, developers hired a company to fly a drone over the property. They posted the photos on social media, boosting interest in the project.

“It seems like that has been our best method of advertising, to get people who might be interested in leasing space from us,” Mackall said.

Although the renderings of the development may resemble Columbus’ “Easton” or Pittsburgh’s “Southside Works,” the initial focus is on attracting medical and other official tenants with about a third of the space already filled.

“As a destination, it’s just the office is…going to be a little easier upfront to lease,” said Associated Commercial Real Estate Agent Al Ricks.

The very first office tenants could move in starting this summer, occupying the western side of the building. Mackall says the next phase could begin this fall with additional retail and restaurant space.

Plans eventually call for a separate shopping area to be called “The Marketplace,” built just south of Route 14.

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